The battle will always be between God and government. The U.S. Constitution is a document established to limit and control government. There is not a single word in the Constitution limiting citizens. Our constitution was written in response to free people recognizing the need of government but also realizing the dangers of government.

Recently, a teacher in Spanish Fort High School in Alabama issued a summer reading list to his students, including my book, “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation!” The list was disallowed due to the conservative titles. Only the government can censor books. Government constantly seeks to dictate and control.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident” means they should be perfectly clear to everyone. Some things are basic for a society. “All men are created” is our foundation and our declaration. Without recognizing our creation by God, we cannot recognize being governed by God. If God created us, no man should rule us. As created beings endowed by God, certain unalienable rights are granted to us by God: “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” not better management. There is always a conflict between God and government. There will always be a pull between freedom and control. It is natural and expected. If you are free then you are in a constant battle to maintain your freedoms.

Freedom of speech is a citizen’s right to address his government, not your “right” to give your opinion to another citizen. The interactions between citizens is not addressed in the Constitution. It is not the government’s business if you hurt my feelings, only if you hurt me physically. If you hurt me financially, I should go before “moral” judges for redress.

There is no constitutional recognition of limited speech to citizens of one faith or occupation. How can the government decide what a pastor says in the pulpit? It is foolish to believe our Founding Fathers, fleeing religious oppression in Europe, would form a government that restricts the activity and free exercise of religion. How can the government restrict the political discussions of any citizens? Many believe that the press has freedom of speech but the pastor does not.

The Constitution was written by citizens to control the government. It was not written by government to manage the lives of citizens. Our constitution does not establish management of meanness, rude behavior, racism or even success opportunities. The Constitution is only for the establishment and control of our government. It restricts and restrains the government only.

The government should not regulate homosexual “rights” to a wedding cake. It should assure homosexuals could open their own bakery. The government is not a pseudo partner in business. Regulating the business hours, payroll, vacation, health insurance, hiring and firing is not as our founders envisioned this government.

The sit-in at the Woolworth Lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina, during the civil rights era was not about black folks wanting a sandwich. It was about removing the civil “legal” restrictions on black citizens opening a restaurant next door. Freedom, not management.

The government should not make “racism” illegal. I may not like my neighbor flying a Confederate flag, but it should be a problem between neighbors, not my government.

The government should not regulate poverty; it should regulate opportunity. It should not regulate “equal” opportunity; it should regulate the legal access to opportunity. There should be no government schools, which can only indoctrinate and not educate.

We have a right to assemble without a “permit”! What the heck is a “Free Speech Zone”? America is a free speech zone. Government will always push for you to seek its permission before you exercise the rights God gave you at birth.

It is the nature of men and, therefore, the nature of government to grow and seek more power. To enshrine and sustain a limited form of government, the people must be involved and in control.

America is great because Americans are great. Before the United States, government was repressive toward the citizens. The strong ruled the weak until the weak overthrew the strong. Then they became the oppressors of the people.

From feudalism, serfdom and slavery, rulers ruled for themselves and their families. There had been attempts to define this dream called FREEDOM, but it would not stick. That happened only when those seeking freedom in America wer able to put that desire into a format all could understand and all could engage. We designed a new form of government: “By the people and for the people.” This was not just a motto, it was a declaration.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident!” There is no freedom without God. Man could not self-govern without a moral code. Our Founding Fathers understood the importance of a limited government occupied by moral citizens.

It was not just for our freedoms. Moral people must stand for the freedoms of all mankind. This is why we defend freedom worldwide. This is why countries all over the world have cemeteries full of Americans who died fighting for the freedom of others. It is the beliefs in freedom, not just the beliefs in America, that propels our youth to sacrifice so much for others.

When we drift off course from our foundation, we tear ourselves apart to correct the course. Even our Civil War was unique to America. The Civil War had always been brothers fighting brothers for control of the government. Never in history has the world seen brothers fighting brothers to free strangers. That was the uniqueness of the American Civil War and the uniqueness of America.

Our brave founders stood before the strongest government in the world and declared themselves citizens of the Almighty God. They risked everything to back up that claim and won for us the era of a new self-governing concept. Today we no longer have to fight, die or suffer to reaffirm our freedom. All we need to do is exercise that freedom. Stay right America, or be left.