The State of the Union is great because Americans are great. President Trump’s stunning performance at his first State of the Union address left his distractors speechless and dazed. The media could only focus on Mrs. Melania Trump arriving without him and speculate about her motives.

America could clearly witness what conservatives have been saying for decades: The Democratic Party is no longer the loyal opposition. It’s clearly now just opposition to America. Their behavior, hissing like a snake in the grass, acting like success was painful to them and showing contempt on their faces, demonstrated to America who is for us and who is against us.

Every achievement Trump announced was celebrated by the American people, and Democrats sat silent in response. If you like your 401(k), you witnessed Democrats against it. If you feel better about jobs, your income or a tax cut, you saw Democrats sit against it.

Michigan is beginning to build cars again, Japan and China are opening up plants in America and American energy is flowing again. Who could be against that, except Democrats? Americans witnessed that good news for America is bad news for Democrats. Citizens can see clearly now that success means failure to Democrats. The State of the Union showed Americans who support citizens and who support themselves only.

After the Democrats shut down the government on the behalf of illegal aliens, even Democrat voters started to wake up. Closing down the government was not to help black workers, white workers or even legal workers. The Democrats were willing to shut down the government, harm our military, risk national security and increase our debt to secure the favors of non-citizen lawbreakers from foreign countries. The government shutdown was a glimpse into the Democrats’ hearts. But their response at the State of the Union address was a glimpse into their very soul.

Trump stood for “America first.” Democrats sat for illegals first, and Americans in both parties saw it. But the Democrats will not stop. They won’t even see the freight train heading toward them. After they hear from the voters in the next few days, they will soften their tone. They will huddle to come up with a con to present to their media propaganda arm and launch their massive “This is what happened” crusade. But it won’t work this time. Their plan has backfired due to their own efforts.

For years, the Democratic Party’s propaganda arm, the media, have been telling their supporters Trump is a mess. They have portrayed him as a bumbling and staggering moron. Trump was supposed to be weak, scared, unconfident and impaired. The liberals believed them, supported them and waiting for the impeachment hearings to begin.

Normally, with a conservative president in office, most liberals would not tune in to the State of the Union address. They would catch a summary on the night-time comedy shows or the morning bias news shows. But this time, because of the liberal statements of Trump being a clown, the liberals tuned into the speech, looking to be entertained by this crazy man.

Liberals saw his sanity, courage, compassion and love for his country. Liberals witnessed a leader in command of his faculties. The liberals understood Trump was fighting for them because they also wanted what was best in their lives. Now that the liberal sheep have seen the truth, they will not fall for the con.

They saw the Democratic Party leaders snarled at a tax cut. They witnessed their disgust at more jobs. They saw people claiming to fight for them try hard to negotiate against them. The American people could not be fooled by the press. They can now see how they have been deceived. We recognized the greatness of our country and clearly see who the “Resistance” is.

We now have a clear choice: Support “nasty women” marches or stand for our old values. We can choose protesters and demonstrators or builders and providers. We can either tear down America or build up the world.

It became clear that Americans were watching a battle for their future. We are facing a great choice. Will the world be better if America is stronger or weaker? Do we follow or lead? Do we want to be great again or just the same?

Those choices are very frightening to the Democrats in Congress. They know the sheep have awakened from their liberal-induced, drugged trance to realize they are really wolves.

The first edition of my book, “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation,” was written over 25 years ago. I have been waiting all my life to witness the slave masters in full panic as the slaves wake up.

Now we welcome our liberal friends to join us as we Make America Great Again, together.