Zelensky’s Griftmas For Ukraine

Ukraine’s tyrannical leader, Zelensky, continues to rudely pound the table while he demands the USA fork over even more billions of dollars to service his war effort.

The USA has already given him nearly $100 billion and that money is not traceable or accountable. Many of the weapons sent to the Ukraine disappear. Ukraine’s leaders have gotten fabulously rich and are buying summer homes in Switzerland. I’m sure there has been plenty of kickbacks going back to America.

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America has no vital interest in Ukraine. There’s no reason for us to get involved except for the fact that the Military Industrial Complex loves raking in money from war. Ukraine has replaced Afghanistan as their cash cow. The USA has long been in a state of ‘perma’ war.


I decided to draw this cartoon to kick off the Christmas season. Zelensky lacks the spirit of giving, however. For him, it’s always better to receive—and he wants to make that a permanent state. As long as Santa USA continues to stack endless gifts under Zelensky’s ‘griftmas’ tree, the war in Ukraine will not end. There is no reason for Zelensky to talk peace while he and his friends enrich each other. Joe Biden thinks it’s all worthwhile, however. After all, the money laundering machine that is Ukraine must be kept in tip-top condition. The Ukraine borders MUST be maintained and protected. Klaus Schwab and the global rulers have mandated it.

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Zelensky couldn’t care less about America’s borders or the American taxpayers (the ‘marks’) who are footing his war bill by means of inflation. Like Sam Bankman-Fried, Zelensky is a con artist. He’ll say anything to keep the money flowing. He proved that by lying about a missile landing in Poland. He blamed it on Russia even though he knew it was a Ukrainian missile.

Zelensky knew his lie could have caused World War Three and a nuclear war, but why should he care? After all, to him a war is the gift that keeps on giving.

— Ben Garrison


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