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George Floyd’s tragic death, and the “black lives matter” protests that rose up afterward, made a couple of things clear to Project 21 Co-Chairman Stacy Washington. On “Spicer & Co.,” on the Newsmax television network, Stacy exposed a double standard needing immediate attention so things can return to normal.

First of all, there must be order. Too many riots have been allowed to get out of hand. This has hurt individuals, small businesses and black communities that will likely suffer from the long-term problems these riots will leave in their wake. Stacy called for a distinction to be made in dealing with protesters:

The way back to normalcy is for every person who is setting buildings on fire, throwing water bottles and concrete bottles at cops – every one of them needs to be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. People who are peacefully protesting should be allowed to continue. That’s the first step.

And, with protesters being allowed – and encouraged – to violate social distancing guidelines, Stacy said this should green-light broader changes to what can now be open. While so many Americans have suffered socially, financially and career-wise over the past several months of lockdown, allowances for protests should justify an end to their spiritual lockdown:

[E]very single church in America has to be open right now. No restrictions.

Because if you can go out and burn and loot and protest “peacefully” without a mask – shoulder-to-shoulder, without social distancing – then I should be able to get in my church and I should be able to call upon the name of my Lord in congregation form and praise Him on a Sunday or a Wednesday or whatever day that I choose.

As an American, that’s my First Amendment right. It has been infringed upon in the name of protecting me. And that must immediately cease.

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Author: David Almasi