Black students are now demanding segregation, free tuition, affirmative action and restrictions on white students. This nonsense was what I warned about in my book “Tribalism: The Truth Between the Lies!”

Black liberals are like slaves, demanding to be allowed back onto the plantation, abused people supporting their abuser. The abused wife supports her husband, prostitutes supports their pimp, and black liberals support the white slave managers who lead them.

The problems start with their political foundation: Others are responsible for taking care of everything. That philosophy requires the believer to accept inferiority. They must believe that power comes from the ability to make demands on white people.

Having been a member of the Black Panther Party, a Black Student Union protester and resisting as a radical UC Berkeley student, the last thing I ever believed myself to be was inferior. I was eager to match my brains, skills and work habits with anyone. I was fighting for the right to compete in America and to remove the legal (civil) barriers placed on me. No one in our ranks was fighting for better treatment from white folks.

Now black liberals, having accepted their role as dependent, scared and frightened citizens, are incapable of competing with white people. They gather on college campuses and with radical anti-America hate groups, seeking safe spaces from whites.

The real reason they are not making it in America is due to their own inaction. White people are not powerful enough to create this problem, but black people do have that power. Changing it must start with self-respect, self-awareness and personal responsibility, not hatred for anyone else.

Black liberals are failing to succeed because they failed to prepare and failed to compete. Now they are demanding the segregation we fought against. They are demanding “separate but equal” and seek places that only black people can gather because they are afraid to compete in America. That is an inferiority complex.

Why no protest against music that describes black women as bitches and hoes? Back in my day, our women were called “Sisters.” They accept pimping and prostituting as reasonable career goals. They are now celebrating with “Pimps and Hoes Balls” and “Player’s Balls,” complete with awards for the Best Pimp and the Best Ho. The white man did not do that; black people did that.

Who do they think is promoting this ghettoization of the black community? Who do they think is behind the self-degradation within these radical black organizations? The same groups and philosophy that enslaved black people. This comes from liberal Democrats, who have always supported the destruction of black people. They are the poverty pimps of the black community, and liberal black people are supporting their causes instead of their own best interests.

Black liberals believe taking down a Confederate flag will help feed black children. They hope that removing a Confederate statue will improve black businesses’ success. They accept that having safe spaces, certain color paint on a college building and more money to ethnic studies will stop drug dealings within the black community. I understand, but it’s foolish and juvenile.

They are hurting black people, hate the black race and are trying to take black folks back 100 years. WE ARE NOT GOING.

Why are black liberals afraid of a “racist”? Why the fear on confronting someone who hates you or is being mean to you? Why are they so eager to call someone an Uncle Tom? There is nothing an Uncle Tom can do to you. He cannot give you a job, feed your kids or get you into a college.

Real racists love black liberals. The KKK could not do the harm to black people that liberals are doing. The KKK has not killed nearly as many black people as Planned ParentHOOD. Lynching black people pales in comparison to the black gang violence seen every day.

Black liberals are afraid of racists but support these racist politicians guiding black communities to hell. Black liberals lick the boots of the racist professors and college administrators who are encouraging them to listen only to one point of view. And black liberals worship at the feet of racist organizations funding self-destructive beliefs and actions.

Black liberals are the real problem in the black community; they cause the destruction of the black family and support the non-competitive spirit embracing black people.

When I attended UC Berkeley, I too heard the noise of white superiority all around me. “The man got me down” was the mantra followed by many. But we noticed something: Everything black men thought we could do we did – and dominated, and it did not matter if white men didn’t like it.

We thought we could dominate basketball, football, track and field, singing and dancing, and because we thought we could, we competed and achieved. We entered college to study success, started businesses, became professionals and took care of our families; that was what “The Struggle” was about back then. Now, these clowns can’t attend college without a special whites-free zone? They need an apology for slavery? They cannot function without special attention?

They want better treatment on the plantation instead of freedom from the plantation. Once we are free, we are responsible. Master is not responsible for us and neither are those who fought for our freedom. No one owes us anything, but we owe much to others. We owe it to those who died dreaming of the freedoms we have today. Our ancestors shook in fear of the concept of attending college. We are standing on the shoulders of many who died knowing they would not see freedom but struggled so their children would. They risked their lives to leave the plantation just to have you fight hard to return.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.