What happened to you white people? Really, please tell me what happened to the people that have achieved so much but have now become wimpy, pansies cowering in fear of someone not liking them. White people today are seeking safe places when there was no safe place from them 100 years ago.

I wrote “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation” to help black people leave the inner city oppression. Now I need to write a book to help white people leave the outer city oppression.

Granted, I am glad most of you saw through that slavery thing and that 360,000 white men died fighting their brothers to free strangers. The world was grateful when you white folks rose up to destroy Japan and Germany due to their “Superiority Complex.” Those were just causes.

Well, we have some just causes here today, and you righteous white folks who fought with our grandfathers for righteousness are cowering behind “tolerance” while others are destroying our culture.

All they have to do is call you a name and you apologize for being white. Can you imagine the names I am called for being a black conservative? Get over your guilt; it is killing us.

They forced affirmative action down your throats, and you sat silently. They forced your children out of jobs and gave them to others, and you thought it was noble to pay for your fathers’ sins.

Maybe there is something else going on with you. Maybe some of you really consider yourselves having “white privilege.” Wake up! White privilege does not exist. Stop apologizing for having a culture. Start proclaiming that what works for you will work for anyone.

Speaking English is not a white thing; it is an American thing. English is the language of business, politics, success and employment. If you spoke “Ghettoize,” your white behind would be just as unemployable as any one in the inner city.

Why don’t you stand and proclaim that the real problem is not racist white men but racist inner-city school systems turning out gang members instead of citizens? Perhaps you white people really dream about going to isolated African village to dazzle the natives with your cigar lighters and cameras. That didn’t even play well in the old Tarzan movies.

What happened to you white people? You are not superior, and I am not inferior. You do not have to give up on anything for me to achieve everything. You don’t owe me for slavery – I do not accept reparations – and you don’t own the 40 acres nor the mule.

Join us black conservatives, and let’s build The Wall, increase business opportunities and defend our nation. I will win some and you will win some, but America will win all. We cannot compete on the world stage if you white folks are trying to be gentle and kind to me. I am competing with you. I want your income and your lifestyle. If you are not competing, we both lose.

We don’t need more safe places, we more work places. So, common white folks, stand up and reject what you know is nonexistent. You are no more dominant than I am, your I.Q. is no higher, and your ability to take care of your family is equal to mine.

We are all Americans, and the enemies of America only fear one thing: They fear you and I working together for greatness. That we would develop an American Culture with no hyphenations keeps them up at night.

So, white folks! What happen to you Vikings? Where are the Roman Legions? And please go find the heart of the British Empire. Yes, I am a black man living in America, and I know the history of white folks. But the changes in America and the world never would have happened without the help of those same white people. White people manned the Underground Railroad, opened to doors at the safe houses and help escaped slaves when they reached the North.

Now you allow the enemy to look you in the eye and announce that illegals will not only have sanctuary cities but will also have welfare, housing and less-expensive college tuition than your out-of-state child. And your response is SILENCE? You accept the term “metrosexual” and actually watch as society tries to get you to question what a male is. Every commercial, talk show, movie or comedy act portrays white men as stupid, weak, racist and needing women to tell them how to be men. Aren’t you tired of that?

Now we must stand together as we face new and more powerful opponents. Black conservatives cannot withstand this new onslaught while you guys are apologizing for white privilege. It is difficult for us to have a united front if you cannot get over that slavery thing.

I know that we have the same principles and believe in the same vision. Someone has to lead and dominate. It’s going to be you or me – but we still need you to engage.

We blacks are trying to escape 60 years of white rule in the ghetto; we are overcoming the struggles of Ebonics (I call it the Ebonic Plague); and we have had years of self-hating black political leaders to overcome. Can you white people please get over yourself with the white guilt?

Only America could have 240 years of slavery and still survived. Only America could have decades more of separate but equal, a poll tax, segregation and sharecropping and still become the strongest nation in the world. If we did that while being separated, imagine what we could do together.

America will be great again, America will be working again, and America will win again. But only if we do it together as Americans.

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